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Limestone is a natural material made from pressurized sediment under the sea, since it is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock, it is one of the most abundant natural resources. Because of its easy availability and strength, limestone is one of the most widely used building materials in the world. 

It is a durable natural stone and comes in a range of colors due to the different impurities that were in the sediment at the time it was formed. Limestone can be used as blocks for construction and building, stone cladding on walls, retaining walls, and floor paving and tiles.

Here are the top 5 benefits you’ll get from using limestone: 

  1. Customizable.

Limestone is a great natural stone to use for interiors because it can be easily custumized to your home needs. Limestone is available in a wide range of neutral tones so it can easily be paired with any design aesthetic or color palette that you wish to incorporate to the rooms of your house. Furthermore, despite its durability it can be easily shaped so that it can have the right design, size, and shape that you want. 


  1. Versatility 

Limestone can be applied to several features of your home including kitchen hoods, fireplaces, columns, floors, countertops, and door frames to name a few. Limestone is a fantastic material that will compliment yourhome’s architectural design and décor. Plus, as we said above, its natural beauty and variety of colors will give you plenty of options to match and enhance your home design. 


  1. Durability 

Throughout history limestone has been used to build landmark buildings and monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt and The Lincoln Memorial; buildings that are still standing today. So if you are looking for a home features that will last several generations, then limestone is the right choice. 


  1. Consistency

Unlike other natural stones like marble or granite, limestone is consistent within it’s shape, color, and pattern. That means that you will get exactly what you want and will be aable to achieve a harmonious interior or exterior desgin. 


  1. Cost effective

Using natural stone in your home creates an elegant and sophisticated atmosmosphere, not to mention it increaseses the value of your property. Natural stone has a unique appearance that no other material can replace. If you are set on using natural stone, but your budget is a little tight limestone is a fantastic choice.