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Visit our new PREMIUM WHITE COLLECTION showroom in ANAHEIM. Schedule a tour 714-902-2080
Visit our new PREMIUM WHITE COLLECTION showroom in ANAHEIM. Schedule a tour 714-902-2080


A backsplash has always been an important working part of any kitchen and bathroom. Although its primary purpose is to protect the wall behind the sink against water damage it is also a key focal point that creates a strong statement in any room.
Natural stones are great for a backsplash as they not only provide all the functionality it needs but also bring endless design possibilities to the table. Backsplashes are an effortless and elegant way to complement your countertops, cabinets and elements of design that create a unique kitchen aesthetic. Here are our favorite current trends for natural stone backsplashes:

1. Matching the countertop to the backsplash.
Extending the countertop material up the backsplash allows you to streamline the number of materials in a kitchen and create a clean and contemporary look. If you want to take this trend a little on the extra side you can extend the backsplash all the way to the ceiling and add open shelves instead of cabinets.


2. Marble tiles
Using tiles for a backsplash is as classic as it gets. For many years this timeless design has been done out of ceramic or porcelain. However, we are obsessed with using natural stones for them. The veining patterns in marble or the rustic look of travertine create a unique look that elevates the design of the kitchen and keeps that traditional and timeless look alive.


3. Contrast
Contrasting the backsplash with the colors and materials of the rest of the kitchen (countertops, shelves, etc) ads drama to the kitchen. Think about a marble backsplash with oak cabinets or a dark granite with white-oak shelves.


4. Slab Backsplash with unexpected color pops
If you love the color but you are afraid of using it on your appliances or shelves, a backsplash is the best place to add a pop of color into a kitchen design. A whole slab of colored natural stone will give out the illusion that the kitchen was custom-mad.


Something to keep in mind:
Using natural stone for your bathroom or kitchen backsplash does require a little bit of extra care, but the beauty of a natural stone is worth the effort. The first and most important part is to properly seal your stone. We encourage you to speak in-depth about it with your fabricator, prior to installing it. Once this is done it should only need basic daily cleaning. Use a cleaner made for natural stone, which is pH neutral; this will not remove the sealer. Do not use any cleaning product that contains acids like vinegar or ammonia. IMPORTANT: avoid bleach. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid stains, especially after time, so if this happens, you can try to remove it using a product specifically formulated for stain removal on natural stone.

Ready to upgrade your kitchen and/or bathroom walls? Give us a call and schedule a tour through our showroom, we have a massive selection of unique stones that will take your breath away!