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Visit our new PREMIUM WHITE COLLECTION showroom in ANAHEIM. Schedule a tour 714-902-2080


The bathroom has become one - if not the most - important room within a home. A long bath, a pampering session or an invigorating shower have turned the bathroom into  a small sanctuary of wellness and self-care. Naturally, this means priorities have changed when it comes to luxury bathroom trends; it does not need to only look pretty, it has to be highly functional, smart, touchless, and customizable. So, how do natural stones fit into this new approach to bathroom design?

Photo: Behance 

 Here are our top three bathroom trends for the season using natural stone:


Bold Statements

The bathroom is the place to go bold this season. Home owners and designers are becoming more daring with their choice of stone: dramatic colored marbles, crosscut and linear travertines, seductive onyx, and rare stones are more popular than ever and outshining the classics. Matching stone veins and mixing color with a glint of metallic is providing a fresh new take on how to apply natural stones bringing an extra set of boldness into the room. A mix of materials add visual stimulation to the space providing a sense of escapism: colored floors, statement lightning fixtures, large-scale chandeliers, wallpaper, and oversized mirrors are just a few elements we can incorporate as well.

 Photo by: Emil group 

Natural Connection

People are looking more and more to connect with nature, and a bathroom is the room of choice to do it indoors. Purposeful space design evokes a calm and a healthy feeling. Elements like expansive windows, high ceilings and open showers mixed with light blue, soft grey or pure white marbles provide a sense of luxury and commune with nature. Natural stone comes from the earth, so when you bring them into an environment, they make you feel grounded, promoting calm,  healing and tranquil spaces.

Photo: Chango & Co. 


Unseen Luxury

While big bold material and color statements are one of the biggest trends of the season, there is also a sense of discretion going around for the less glamorous aspects of the bathroom. Placements like hidden trash chutes carved inside marble slabs play a crucial design element within this trend.

photo: Chris Little