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Join us July 20-21 for our Inaugural Stone Gala of the Arts! Click here for info and tickets!
Join us July 20-21 for our Inaugural Stone Gala of the Arts! Click here for info and tickets!


If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts you must know by now that at Marble Unlimited we work very closely with Antolini, one of the best stone suppliers in the world.  Their stones are not only of the best quality but they work with highly innovative technology that simplifies what it means to be a proud owner of natural stones. 

As much as we love natural stones we are aware some of our clients prefer to work with man-made elements that will complement their space in a much more functional way.

If you are thinking about using quartz or any other man-made stone, before you make a decision, take read as we show you what Marble Unlimited and Antolini can get to your doorstep.  


Antolini A-Tech

Antolini A- Tech is the closest and most similar recreated stone to the natural thing. It is created when clay, sand, and other natural materials are pressed together and exposed to very high temperatures, giving birth to a more effective and modern version of porcelain. Veins are literally printed on top of the porcelain giving you a much real and detailed version of marble as it makes it easier to imitate. 

It is extremely abrasive and resistant and one the best benefits of it is that it can be used exactly as you purchase it, there is no need for resin or further sealing. You do not need any extra treatment to prevent damages plus taking care of it is incredibly easy.

Antolini Quartz

Antolini Quartz is a superior-quality engineered quartz. It is manufactured by bringing natural mineral quartz and pressing it into slabs with adhered resin. It is extremely easy to take care and almost as resistant as any natural stone. 

Unlike A-Tech, Quartz is not resistant to high temperatures due to the resin in it. The veins that create the natural stone appearance are made alongside the stone as opposed to print. This means that design options might be slightly limited and it is harder to imitate.  


Come visit us at Marble Unlimited so you can take a look at our selection of Antolini stones and decide which one is best for you.