What is the Difference Between Marble and Limestone?

Limestone, granite, and marble are three of the most popular remodeling materials. They have certain similarities, but some differences make them unique. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed when shells, fossils, and sand are deposited and become hard over millions of years. If limestone is exposed to extreme pressure and heat, it turns into marble which is a metamorphic rock. These two materials are easy to identify at a single glance. Limestone comes in various natural shades such as brown, tan and gray. Marble comes in a wide variety of colors, such as white, pink, red, blue and black. Marble has veining and color deposits throughout due to all the minerals it contains. When you look at limestone, it’s not uncommon to see small shells or fossils embedded in it.  Marble is denser and harder than limestone, thanks to the pressure it goes through. However, both of these materials are relatively soft compared to some other stones. On the Mohs scale, limestone is usually a three and marble is a three or four. Granite, on the other hand, is an eight or nine and diamond is a 10. No matter your decision, our Van Nuys Marble experts at Marble Unlimited Inc. can help you determine the best direction to go.

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Van Nuys Marble Experts Know the Facts 

The Great Pyramid is made of limestone and Kingston in Canada is called ‘limestone city’ because so many of the houses are made of limestone. Limestone is often used as a raw material in the manufacture of cement, crushed to form a solid base for roads and is the white pigment in various products like toothpastes and cosmetics. The word marble comes from the Greek word meaning ‘shining stone.’ It is most commonly used for sculpture and as a construction material. Pure white is the purest form of marble, and colored marble is the result of impurities in the parent rock. If you are ready to upgrade your home with beautiful limestone or marble, Marble Unlimited has staff with the experience and expertise to help you get the job done right for the right price. Call (818) 988-0100 to talk to our Van Nuys Marble Experts or check our portfolio at http://marbleunlimited.com/portfolio and take a look at projects we have already completed. Our natural stone wholesale store has a showroom and slab yard at Durham, NC not far from the Durham Freeway. The company initially sold marble in Los Angeles for many years, where we built up a good reputation before moving to Durham. We have since expanded our operation, and it’s worth a visit to the showroom and slab yard to see what you can find.