The type of stone that you use for any of your building or renovation products says a lot about the type of work that you can do and the quality of your work. Homeowners today want to hire a contractor that is going to use quality materials as well as supply them with the best and most effective results. That is why here at Marble Unlimited, Inc. we strive to offer the best materials available so that you are able to do the finest work. Our granite slab is one of the widest selections that you will find anywhere in the area and can be ideal for all kinds of different uses.

Beautiful Indoor Uses

A beautiful piece of granite can be the ideal option to use for a countertop in any kitchen or bathroom. Granite is not only beautiful to look at, but it provides a very strong and sturdy surface that will hold up well for many years. Durability is an important point to many homeowners today and if they are going to make an investment in a quality countertop they want to be sure that they are going to get long use from the product. Granite can also be great to use for tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways or nearly any other area of the home.

Great Outdoor Uses

While many people may traditionally think of granite slab as something that is primarily used inside the home, we also have many contractors that use our granite for outdoor projects as well. Granite makes a great material to use for a very beautiful outdoor patio or deck, particularly if you are looking for something different to put in around the pool. Some people that have outdoor kitchens make use of granite for the countertops in that area. You can even use the granite to decorate a landscape or garden area. Whatever the use may be, the granite will hold up very well under weather conditions and provide quality everyday use.

Find the Best Pieces

If you would like to see the wonderful selections we have available of granite slab, please give us a call at Marble Unlimited, Inc. at 818-988-0800. We are happy to arrange an appointment with you to sit down and discuss all of the different options that we have available that may be perfect for you to use for any indoor or outdoor renovation project.