Learning how to clean exotic marble is usually very easy, but there are some things you need to know. There could be those times when you’re having a dinner party, and someone spills cabernet over your beautiful white marble countertop, and your immediate reaction would be to clean it right away. To prevent further damage of your beautiful marble counter-top, it is best you clean marble with the proper supplies.

How to Clean Exotic Marble from Marble Experts 

Marble is porous, and it can be prone to staining. Sealing your marble every few months will help. Sealants don’t make it impervious to stains, but they do make it more stain resistant.  If you bought your marble from a white marble store, check with the suppliers about the right product to use and make sure it’s food safe if you’re using it in the kitchen. For routine maintenance, use warm soapy water. Just make sure to rinse and dry well.  Acid is very bad for marble so try to keep wine, vinegar and lemon juice away. If they do spill, wipe them up as quickly as possible. When they soak in, they are far more difficult to remove. For most organic food stains, a few drops of ammonia, commonly found in cleaning products will probably do the trick. Some people use a solution of 12% of hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. This is effective, but darker marble surfaces may become discolored when using this solution.  When trying to remove stains, it is suggested that you blot them rather than rubbing them as this may cause the stain to spread.


What to Avoid

Don’t try to remove stains with bleach. The calcium carbonate in the marble is highly reactive to it and can become discolored, pitted or etched. Your marble’s best friends are stone soap and pH neutral cleansers. Avoid using too much water when cleaning and always use a clean cloth.

how to clean exotic marble

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