When clients come to you about building a new home or renovating the home they live in currently and talk about rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, the discussion inevitably turns to the use of granite. People love the way granite looks for a countertop today, and it can completely change the look of a room with its spectacular color, design, and feel. Once they have decided they want to use granite, the decision then comes as to just what type of granite to get. There is always a choice between granite slab and granite tile that has to be considered at this time.

The Cost Factor

For many clients, you may find that cost is the deciding factor in whether to go with slab or tile. While slab can cost a bit more, particularly if it is being used in a large area and will require several slabs, there is often a lot more labor involved in the use of tile. The tile requires a great deal of time for installation as it needs to be laid down correctly and then grouted. The labor involved may outweigh what you get from the slab, where the material can cost more but the installation can be simpler and quicker, costing less in labor costs.

Care for the Granite

Another aspect to consider when choosing between granite slab and granite tile is the care and maintenance of the granite. The slab can be easier to clean and maintain. It will require a sealant about once a year and regularly polishing to keep it looking its best. Tile, because of the grout involved, can require extra care. The tile and the grout need to be cleaned, which can sometimes cause additional wear on the tile, meaning that more sealant must be used as well. Frequent maintenance like this can sometimes lead to tiles getting chipped or broken, which can then lead to the greater expense of replacing some or all of the tiles.

See Your Choices

In the end, the decision between granite slab and granite tile will be with the preference of your clients. If you and your clients would like to see the great granite options that we have available, please feel free to make an appointment to visit our showroom at Marble Unlimited Inc. by calling us at 818-988-0100. We can show the different granite we offer and allow you to choose what will work best for your home project.