Maintaining and Caring for Your Marble in Los Angeles

Getting marble installed in your home can give your kitchen, bathroom, or other location in your house an entirely new look. Adding a marble countertop, marble floor, marble steps, bar top, or outside use on a patio or front porch area can transform your home and give it a classic, elegant look that can be the envy of many. Of course, when you invest in marble for your home, you want to do all you can to keep it looking its best, so it does not wear improperly or tarnish. There are some steps that can help you maintain and care for your marble in Los Angeles so that it looks great for years.

Clean the Marble Regularly

One of the best ways to keep marble looking fantastic is to clean the marble on a regular schedule. If you make cleaning it part of your regular routine, you will never have to worry about how it looks or forgetting to clean it. Using one of the marble cleaners you find for sale today, or even just using a soft cloth and some warm water can be enough to remove debris and particles that can set into the marble and cause it to tarnish.

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Address Stains on Marble Right Away

Stains can wreak havoc on your marble in Los Angeles and addressing any spills or stains right away can help you to prevent staining that can be nearly impossible to remove without professional service help. Substances like wine and soda can cause big problems for marble, particularly if you have white marble. The acids in these beverages can penetrate the marble quickly, so you want to clean them up as they happen, blotting the liquid to absorb it instead of rubbing it.

Getting Quality Marble

If you are going to invest good money in marble in Los Angeles for your home, you not only want to care for it, but you want to make sure you get it from the best source possible. Here at Marble Unlimited, Inc., we offer unique designs of marble that we source from around the world so that you can get that special look for any area of your home. To learn more about us and to come in and see our showroom, give us a call at 818-988-0100 and one of our salespeople will glad to assist you.