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Visit our new PREMIUM WHITE COLLECTION showroom in ANAHEIM. Schedule a tour 714-902-2080
Visit our new PREMIUM WHITE COLLECTION showroom in ANAHEIM. Schedule a tour 714-902-2080


Throughout the years we’ve seen trends come and go. Rose gold, copper and stainless steal all mixed with beautiful natural stones. Because let’s face it, natural stones never go out of style.

But there is a particular combination that has proven to be a classic and is definitely here to stay. Gold and natural stones. Here at Marble Unlimited we are obsessed with it, so we’ve made a small compilation of our favorite ways to incorporate this trend into your home.

1. Mix it with mirrors and other accessories. We love the look of gold framed mirrors over onyx or green marble walls. Golden vases filled with flowers bring a nice touch to your home and will look great over your granite countertops.

Photo: essential home 

2. Gold is a great way to highlight natural stone pieces in our homes. Marble bedsides and coffee tables with gold legs can make the materials stand out even more. We also love the idea of a marble chest of drawers with gold handles. Just remember that gold subtle elements never go out of fashion.

Photo: IKEA

3. If you are feeling bold and like to take risks with your home design we recommend you include a gold kitchen sink or a golden bathtub. These elements can transform any space into a literal dream. How gorgeous would a kitchen look with a gold sink, quartzite countertops and a fun design on the backsplash?

Photo: Doris Leslie Blau

4. If this sounds like too much for you. Fixtures such as taps, towel racks or shower heads are a great way to incorporate gold into your bathroom or kitchen. There is no going wrong with this, whichever stone you choose for your home will pair great with these elements.

Photo: Decor Pad

5. If the whole shinny aesthetic is not your thing we highly recommend oxidised gold. Oxidised gold is a less traditional way of bringing luxury into your home. This will give your space a whole different look and pairs great with more earthy colored stones like travertine and limestone or something bolder like black marble.

Phptp: Ferris Rafauli 

6. Our favorite way of incorporating the perfect mixture of gold and stone is through lightening. Whether you choose to build an industrial gold lamp for your marble kitchen, or simple golden lightbulbs for your bedroom that will make that art piece make out of stone pop, we love the idea of gold illuminating your natural stones.

Photo: Arch Daily 

7. Last but not least, the most natural way of incorporating gold into your home is through slabs with gold veining. Certain types of quartzite, marble and onyx are known for their shinny veining.

Photo: George Buildings 

Come visit us at our showroom, we can help you find the perfect stone to pair your golden needs or a stone that will literally bring gold into your house by itself.

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