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Visit our new PREMIUM WHITE COLLECTION showroom in ANAHEIM. Schedule a tour 714-902-2080
5 Ways to Use Marble

5 Ways to Use Marble

In the luxury design world marble is a word we hear often. This beautiful natural stone brings elegance and value to any home. Despite its delicacy marble is commonly associated with utilitarian design.  This misconception has brought frustration to homeowners when presented with design ideas that lack originality.  Because of it, contemporary designers are now incorporating marble into their projects focusing on aesthetics as much as function.

Here are 5 ways in which you can use marble in your home or commercial project with a little twist:






Marble Surfaces

Marble surfaces are moody and add intimacy to any space. Kitchen counters and vanity tops are not the only surfaces marble can be implemented on. Designs in Antwerp created a DJ turning table out of Calcatta marble for an apartment in Belgium.

There is also the matter of playing around with countertops by implementing lines, volume and light in their construction to turn them into sculpture like pieces rather than plain surfaces.

 Photo by: William Waldron

Marble Architectural Features

Architectural features like staircases or fireplaces instantly become gasps of admiration when built out of marble. Architects like Tom De Meester and Tine Vliegen are taking it up a notch by creating hanging cabinets made of our marble. This type of creation shows that possibilities truly are infinite when it comes to building with natural stone.

 Photo by: Timothy Kaye 

Marble Furniture



Furniture created out of marble isn’t something groundbreaking — what it is, is the way these pieces are being showcased.  Designers such as Jake Arnold are introducing game-changing statement pieces that take center stage and bring a luxurious twist to any interior space. 


Marble Flooring

From a foyer to a kitchen or a bathroom, tile flooring has become one of the biggest trends in interior design. Contemporary designers like Kelly Wearstler use marble as their central player when creating flooring patterns. 



 Photo: Alice Lane Collection

Marble Bathrooms



The latest rave in contemporary bathrooms out of marble is the application of stones in what we like to call a wall to basin construction.  These type of application is no longer exclusive for luxurious spas, it can be implemented into any home bathroom either through a sink or a bathtub.

photo by: condé Nast