What is Marble?

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What is Marble?

Marble has been one of the most sought-after stones for many years.

But, what is marble, really?

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is physically and chemically exposed to high temperatures and pressures. It is created this way when the calcite that forms the limestone recrystallizes to form a denser rock. The resulting marble rock is typically composed of an interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals.

Why is marble so special?

Marble exhibits a variety of colors and veins as a consequence of minor amounts of impurities incorporated during metamorphism. The minerals or impurities present during recrystallization can tint the entire piece of marble or create veins in a wide variety of colours. Blues, greys, pinks, reds, green, purple and yellow marbles can be found. Because marble is able to withstand extreme heat, it has come into its own as the lowest maintenance, highest beauty option for construction and interior design projects.


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