What is granite?

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


What is granite?

Granite has been one of the most used stones for interior design over the past decades.  

But, what is granite, really? 

Granite is an igneous rock forged from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface. It is formed of quartz and other minerals that give the rock a red, pink, grey or white color.  Granite happens when magma can’t find its way out through volcanoes or crevices in the ground. The liquid gets stuck, cools down slowly and solidifies into a beautiful stone.



Now that we know what it really is, it makes us wonder … 

Why is it so popular for interior design? 

Granite is very hard and not very porous, which means it is used where toughness and longevity are necessary.  Its properties: durability, scratch-proof, heatproof, waterproof and stain-proof make it a material that can bring to life any construction. Plus, its versatility in color and pattern give unlimited design options. 


So..where can you use granite?


Literally everywhere. Its qualities make it the perfect stone for applications that will be in constant use. Granite brings that timeless look into your home that will never go out of style. 

Kitchen countertops and vanity tops are among the favorites. Of course, you can use it anywhere else in your home: fireplaces, backsplashes, flooring tiles and even for outside application.