What are the best practices to clean your natural stone countertops?

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What are the best practices to clean your natural stone countertops?

One of the best things about natural stone countertops - apart from making your house look ridiculously good -  is that they are extremely easy to maintain and clean.  However, for something so simple the Internet is full of advice of what to do and what not to do and the more you read about it, the more confusing it gets. 



Not to worry, us at Marble Unlimited have put together a short list with the best practices to clean your natural stone countertops. 


So keep reading ahead… 


1. The first and most important thing you should know is to never use any acidic or abrasive cleaner on your countertops. Ingredientes like vinegar, lemon, lime or anything with ammonia or bleach should be avoided. Such chemicals will weaken the seal of stones like granite and cause severe etching in marble, travertine and limestone. 

2. Ideally your countertops should be cleaned once a week or anytime you cook or spill something. Daily cleaning is pretty simple, a plain mixture of warm water and gentle dish soup usually does the trick. Depending on the type of material you countertop is, there’s an ideal way of doing it - although not a requirement.  For marble we like to spray the mix lightly on the countertop, wipe off with a warm cloth and finally dry and buff with an absorbent towel. For granite, wet the cloth with soapy water, wipe down the countertops and dry and buff with a microfibre. 

3. Hot water and dish soap should be okay for daily sanitising and while a well-sealed natural stone countertop is relatively impervious to bacteria, with the current pandemic going on, you should be disinfecting your countertops regularly. You don’t need any special products, just spay 70% isopropyl alcohol, allow it to sit for 5 minutes and then rinse with water and dry with either a microfibre or absorbent cloth.

4. It is possible that over time your countertops stain, especially if you use ingredients like coffee, wine, fruit juices, soda, or tomato sauces frequently.  Nonetheless, they are  fairly easy to clean and the right technique can leave them looking as if nothing had happened. For any oil based stains clean with a paste of baking soda and water; apply the paste on top of the stain, cover with plastic wrap and let it overnight. For water based stains mix hydrogen peroxide with water and rub with a clean cloth. Rinse off the residues with a soft wet cloth and repeat the process if the stain isn’t completely gone. If the stain is quite big, make sure you test a spot first to make sure the method won’t damage the color or finish of the stone. 

5. Overall, the best practice you can do to keep your countertops clean and make them last longer is to reseal them regularly. Granite should be resealed once a year and marble every 6 months.



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