The Monochromatic Trend in Interior Design

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The Monochromatic Trend in Interior Design

Monochromatic spaces have become the new favorite decoration trend. This particular style not only brings beauty into the room but creates a homey feeling with many benefits. Smaller rooms appear to be bigger, and the selection process is much simpler as you don’t have to worry about colors mismatching. You can create a room that looks luxurious, minimal and contemporary at the same time, and you can play with different shades and elements.

Natural stones are a great material to incorporate into this decoration trend. Whether you are going for a neutral tone look or a more colorful design you can literally build a whole room based on your stone choices or complement any room with a gorgeous slab.

Here are some ideas on how stones and colors can do wonders for your room following the monochromatic trend:


Warm tones

Colors such as red, orange and yellow bring energy and happiness into any room. This particular color scheme works wonders for a kitchen or a dining room. Basically, any space where you will have friends over.

Some of our favorites include: Quartzite Gold Macaubas, Portofino Red Marble, Ruby Wine Onyx, New Dakota Mahogany Granite, and Marble Empire Gold. You can apply these stones on a countertop, as a backspace or even a gorgeous onyx as a statement wall on your dining room.



Cool Tones

Green, blue and purple creates an atmosphere of safeness and relaxation, making them great colors to apply into bathrooms and bedrooms. However, don’t feel limited by this, some more intense greens or blues can work great in a living room or kitchen as well.

Some of our favorites include: Blue Dorato Granite, Azul Cloud Marble, Verde Absolute Marble, Absolute Green Onyx, and Sea Island Green Quartzite.

We are particularly obsessed with a blue or green natural stone shower wall complemented with a gorgeous vanity countertop in a similar shade.



Neutral tones

White, grey and black are not only the most traditional shades to use when creating a monochromatic space. Probably because they are the easiest to incorporate into any space and they bring a minimal and luxurious vibe.

You can choose anything from a classic Marble Carrara to an Absolute Black Granite. Stones like Travertine and Limestone are a great choice for this look and you can incorporate them into your floors and walls.



Head to our website or visit our showroom to find the perfect stone to build your monochromatic space. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to help you choose your favorite color and stone!