Shopping your first Natural Stone

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


Shopping your first Natural Stone
There is so much you need to know before embarking yourself into the adventure that is buying your first natural stone. Aside from keeping up with the latest interior design trends you have to take into account which one is actually right fo what you are looking for. Is it for the kitchen or bathroom? What kind of texture do you need? Does it need to be resistant to oil?
But how can you know such things if this is your first time acquiring these materials. Well, not to worry, we’ve put together a little guide when shopping for your first natural stone.
1. Set on a design aesthetic, pick a color and decide which room you are working on first. Source inspiration in architecture magazines, look into designers latest projects and have a look on our instagram page.
2. Keep in mind the purpose of the stone. A kitchen countertop needs to be resistant to being scratched. A bathroom floor must have texture and absorb water easily to avoid someone slipping. Any material that will be used for an outside area will require durability above all.
3. Once you’ve decided on a style, a color and have a much clear idea of what the purpose of the stone needs to be get as many samples as you can and get ready to test them out. The features that we are looking out for are: hardness, durability, staining and acid resistance.
Just to give you a much clear understanding of what this features are remember that the hardness of the stone is its resistance to being scratched. Durability means how easy it stands up splitting, crumbling and cracking. Staining is liked to porosity and will affect how liquids are absorbed onto surface and acid resistance is how prone the stone is to etching.
Now that you know where to start come talk to us and we will be happy to guide you and help you out in this wonderful process that will not only make your house look incredible but will add value to your property.