Our favorite selection of natural materials for furniture

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Our favorite selection of natural materials for furniture

There are so many materials out there that have so much to offer and can upgrade the entire atmosphere of your home. Natural stones used in unexpected ways can merge luxury and practicality, plus you can tailor them to fit any space you care.  

Whether you are looking for the right pieces to furnish your home, decorate a hotel lobby/room or fill a public space like a restaurant or a bar here are some of our favorite stones and some ideas of how to apply them.  


1. Marble + stainless steel  

Any aesthetic can be brought to life with the right application of marble, turning any ordinary room into a statement space.  When thinking of marble furniture, coffee tables are the most popular choice and definitely an item to have as it can be placed in several locations around the house.

Although the most common option is to pair marble with copper, gold or wood, the possibilities of what can be done with this stone are infinite. A trend we love is marble and stainless steel furniture. Dining tables made out of marble with stainless steel legs, mantelpieces and entryway furniture with small details. If you'd like to go that extra mile, you can always remodel your whole kitchen building countertops out of marble and cupboards out of steel.


2. Onyx + resin  

Onyx is the type of stone that works particularly well as furniture, specially built in.  As we know, it is a translucent stone that when paired with a backlight becomes the focal point of any room. As much as we love the traditional application of onyx in furniture it tends to communicate opulence and can create a very old-fashioned look.

When incorporating onyx furniture into a more contemporary and youthful space you can pair it with resin.  Onyx blocks as low tables with resin stools, work desks with a resin cover to protect the stone and bedside tables, are only a few examples of how this stone can be applied as furniture with resin bringing color, playfulness and a modern atmosphere into your space.


3. Limestone 

Limestone is not usually associated with furniture, however current designers have been implementing it to create spaces that allure to that minimal/industrial look.  Kitchen or bar stools with a limestone top and metal legs, coffee tables and sauder table tops and lamps are just a few examples of how this stone can elevate the mood of both a commercial or a residential space.


4. Travertine + wood 

Travertine is also one of our favorite materials for outdoor and patio furniture. You can add gorgeous cushions of various colors to a travertine bench to create a natural yet creative space and pair it with a custom-made table. 

Travertine consoles with wooden drawers or side tables with wood legs are some of our favorite pieces for interior spaces.


If natural stone furniture sounds like something you might be interested in adding to your space, browse through our website to find the selection of materials we have in stock at the moment. Give us a call and talk to our experts who can guide you through the process of selection and give you diverse options and tips.