Natural stones, the next sustainable materials for construction

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


Natural stones, the next sustainable materials for construction

In these days is common knowledge that building a roof or vertical garden helps absorb water and combat air pollution. Having solar panels within your constructions reduced energy consumption and that materials like wood or cement, that have low impact on the environment, have become more and more popular in eco-construction.

However, in today’s marketplace, there is nothing more sustainable than building with natural stone. Granite, marble and quartz are truly eco-friendly en non-toxic plus they last forever. That is why natural stone is the first choice as a building material for having a green lifestyle.



Marble and granite are the most resistant and durable stones while quartzite is the most abundant material on earth. When it comes to design and sustainability, there has been a rising trend in the use of Terrazzo. Terrazzo is made out of stone fragments and could be anything from marble to quartz. It is extremely hard-wearing and it was originated as a way to rescue stone offcuts to reduce waste.



Contemporary projects are protecting and enhancing the environments through integrated approaches on architecture and technology. Marble frames with solar panel windows, heating and cooling systems that recycle air mixed with materials that either keep the heat in or cool the place down.



Sustainability is more important than ever and is on its way to becoming a standard in architecture. Long are the days when sustainable building was the future. As reducing waste, conserving resources and sustainable design continue to become our new normal, natural stone is ready to shine brighter than ever. Stone is recyclable and has the potential to be used for different purposes over it lifetime.