How to use natural stones in your outdoor shower

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How to use natural stones in your outdoor shower

An outdoor shower is the perfect luxury addition to your backyard, balcony or any open space you might have at home. Whether you choose to use it for your daily morning showers or to rinse off after a summer day by the pool, outdoor showers provide a relaxing experience that makes you connect with nature.

If you are planning on building an outdoor shower, the  two most important things you need to consider are your flooring and walls. Naturally, natural stones are the best choice for this. There is no better choice when it comes to beauty, safety, and versatility. 



When building an outdoor shower there are certain things we have to consider when it comes to choosing the right material. While being barefoot on the outside is fun and grounding, when taking a shower no one likes to step on mud or pebbles that will turn a relaxing experience into a stressful one. Therefore, natural stones are the best option.

Our personal favorite is travertine as it remains cool to the touch, meaning you won’t burn your feet on hot days, plus the fact that it absorbs water. This means your shower will be slip-free.  Granite and limestone could potentially work, but they need to be properly sealed and constantly maintained to avoid the development of mould.

We recommend avoiding marble for your outdoor shower flooring, as it is notoriously known for being slippery. There are other ways in which you can incorporate such an opulent stone into you outdoor shower… walls!




Walls can bring the design theme you have in mind for your shower into a reality without compromising your safety! If you are set on a luxury feel, you can add marble walls without worrying you might slip on it. 

You can also create a natural and earthy vibe if you pair the travertine flooring with travertine walls. That way, you can create a whole showering experience by coordinating the design with the landscape.

Apart from acting as an accent piece that can showcase a beautiful stone, walls also bring a little privacy.



A little extra 

You can always incorporate natural stone accents to add a little flair into your shower. A bench, shelves or a vanity top…     Outdoor showers are such a treat, why not go all the way?