How to take care of your quartzite countertop

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


How to take care of your quartzite countertop

Quartzite is a beautiful and exotic rock. It is a great option for your kitchen countertops, especially when you are looking for something out of the ordinary. Maintenance is minimal and cleaning comes at ease.


Here are some recommendations on how to make your quartzite countertops last longer.



1. Protect them againts liquids

When in the kitchen, liquid spills are common, however, we recommend you always use coasters for your glasses or mugs. If spilling does occur, wipe the liquid with a soft cloth and remove any substance that might harden when it dries, such as butter, syrup or jam.


2. Wipe your countertops daily

Quartzite countertops should be cleaned daily, or as often as you cook. Wipe regularly with either a gentle, non- acidic cleaner that you can find at your local store, soapy water or ask your fabricator. Use a soft cloth and always dry the wet surface with a paper towel.


3. Avoid any of the following materials

Certain materials like bleach, oven cleaners, SOS Pads, fingernail polish remover and oil-based soaps can permanently damage the surface so always keep them away from the surface.


4. Protect them agains heat damage

Despite it being a super resistant rock, quartzite is not immune to heat. Always use hot pads and trivets when placing a hot pan on the surface to avoid it to warp or crack.


5. Prevent stains by sealing them

Quartzite is twice as hard as glass and it won’t scratch easily. However, you should always seal them to increase its resistance and make them last longer. There are non-edible substances like permanent marker ink or paints that can permanently stain the color of your quartzite if not protected.