How do your Countertop & Flooring Choices Impact the Environment?

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


How do your Countertop & Flooring Choices Impact the Environment?

Homeowners all around the world have become environmentally conscious about the materials and appliances that go into their homes. Aesthetics and the quality of a material are failing to be enough for homeowners to make a decision about the stones that will go into their countertops and floors.

So here we go... Did you know that using natural stones is actually good for the environment?

The life cycle of a natural stone begins when it is quarried out of the ground. The energy consumed in the whole process, which you can read on our blog post "From the Mountain to Our Showroom", is small compared to the energy required to create something from raw materials and using chemicals. In order to protect the environment quarries recycle water, and reduce the materials required in packaging. Furthermore, natural stones have a 50-75 year lifespan and can be recycled at the end of their first useful life



There is no doubt that when choosing a stone based on a sustainability factor, choosing a natural one is the only way to go. You are not harming the environment, you are reducing your material consumption by choosing a material that doesn’t need to be changed and that can be reused, plus you will be saving money along the way.



At Marble Unlimited we want to help you make the best possible decision. If you want to dig a little deeper into your research on sustainability you can always come to talk to us and we’d be happy to guide you through it.