How can you know if your marble has a very high quality?

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


How can you know if your marble has a very high quality?

At Marble Unlimited we pride ourselves on providing our customers with only high-end materials. We work closely with our quarries and suppliers in Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey plus, we have a round the clock team supervising only the best natural stones make it into your doorstep. 


There are certain qualities we look after when making sure that our marbles meet the best possible standards. Here is a list of what we focus on, that will help you know what to look for when ensuring your marble has a high quality. 



If you’ve read our blog post where we explain the process of extracting marble out of the quarry, you are aware that we make sure they have a standard size of 200 sq meters. The best marble usually comes in 106.2 x 65.9 in slabs. This standard size makes it easier to cut and adjust the stone for whatever you might use it, avoiding fissures or a mismatched design. 




Because of its rareness, pure white marble is considered the most valuable and the one with the highest quality. However, this beautiful stone can be found in various shades: gray, cream, pink, green, red or black. To make sure that the stone has a good quality you need to make sure the color doesn’t have any stains, spots or mismatched lines. 




The beauty and originality of marble usually comes from the veins presented on the slabs. These veins are formed due to minerals present on the Earth when the stone is formed. Observing the veins is one of the easiest ways to ensure our marble has a high quality: look out for movement and a cohesive design. 



Cracks and fissures 

The most obvious way to know you are getting a top notch product, is by noticing that there are no cracks or fissures on your slab. If the stone is properly extracted, cut and sealed with the proper care, little to nothing will cause your stone to break.