From the Mountain to our Showroom

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


From the Mountain to our Showroom

You’ve done it! -  You’ve purchased and placed a beautiful marble slab on your kitchen countertop - or at least you are thinking about it. You cannot stop staring at it, you’ve never baked anything so good before and your friends keep raving about how stunning your kitchen looks. 


But… have you ever paused and think about how that gorgeous natural stone got into your home? 


At Marble Unlimited we work with the best suppliers around the world and we keep a close eye on the whole process. We love working as close with our supplies as we do with our clients so today we want to share with you the process our natural stone slabs have to go through to get to your home. 



The first thing you need to know is that in order to get the slabs, a block of stone needs to be extracted out a mountain. Stones can be quarried from three different types of quarries: from an open quarry, a closed quarry or from what is commonly called a “T” quarry (from where stones are brought up from the bottom of the quarry to the top)

It is important to note that explosives are prohibited in most countries so stone masters get the stones out by using diamond thread.




After the block is quarried, it is placed into a gang saw equipped with a diamond blade and water jade cutting technology. Both mechanisms are used simultaneously to achieve the best possible results. The intensity of the cut varies on the hardness of the stone, so the process can take from 4 hours up to10.

Once the slabs are cut out, we verify that the stone matches the quality standards we are looking for and so we can move to the next step.



Resin and finishes

When the slabs are cut they are placed horizontally to avoid any damages. The next step is to give the natural stone the finish it deserves. 

After the stone is polished, honed, leather… (etc) a resin is placed on top of it to protect it from breaking. If the stone is very fragile or thin a net is set at the bottom to make it stronger. 

This way if the stone breaks it can be repaired.




In order to seal the slab and resin placed on top of it, heat needs to be applied, so the stone is set into an oven for drying. The oven speeds up the drying process. However, it takes the stone a few days to fully dry.



Selection and inspection 

When the stones are ready to be shipped our suppliers send us pictures so we can choose the best ones. We work with quarries all around the globe, we have experts in Greece, Spain, Italy and Brazil only to name a few. These experts closely inspect the stones for details and abnormalities  that are not shown on pictures. Once they corroborate that the stones are up to the standards regarding size, color and veining they get ready for shipment. 




When our supplies get the block of stone out of the quarry it is around 200 square meters. Those square meters are cut and divided into packages of 8 slabs. Those slabs are divided into 4 packages that are sent to the port of Long Beach and straight into the Marble Unlimited warehouse so our clients can come up and see the best quality slabs of natural stones out there.