Flooring in Limestone

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Flooring in Limestone

Some of the greatest and most famous structures such as the Great Wall of China or the Empire State in New York have been built out of Limestone. Why? You may wonder.

Well, limestone is a natural stone formed from sedimentary rocks when pressurized at the bottom of the sea. It is long-lasting and stands up well to exposure. It hardly wears off or cracks, which makes it particularly appealing for outdoor spaces. 

Nevertheless, limestone looks excellent in kitchens, bathrooms, and any other area you want to brighten with natural stone. However you choose to use it, it will create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere.



Here at Marble Unlimited we believe it to be one of the best choices to use in flooring and here is why: 


1. Durable

Limestone does not wear off easily, it is the perfect stone to be used in flooring because it will hardly crack on heavily trafficked areas. Despite being incredible resistant it has a soft touch which makes it incredibly comfortable to walk on.


2. Look 

Limestone tiles are great for a timeless look. Their earthy characteristics will create a warm environment in your home that will match perfectly with any style or color you choose for the rest of your spaces.


3. Value 

As all natural stones do, limestone ads value to your home because it is a long lasting material. Despite it being a very luxurious stone it is cost effective compared to marble and you can find it in a great variety of styles and colors.


4. Versatile 

Limestone comes in a wide selection of earthy tones, shapes and sizes so that you can match it to your style of choice. Certain tiles will look great on the outdoors, while others work better on the inside. It doesn’t matter which stone you choose, fact is there is a limestone slab that will work great on every room of your house. 


5. Maintenance 

Limestone requires sealing as it is a porous stone. However it requires little maintenance and it is resistant to mould and bacteria, which is why it is great for any space. It doesn’t get dirty easily so tiles usually only need simple sweeping and occasionally mopping with a limestone cleaner.



Come visit our showroom where we can help you find the perfect limestone slabs that will suit your needs and taste.