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It is no secret that marble countertops are high maintenance, this gorgeous stone can elevate any space but it requires proper treatment and regular sealing so it doesn’t stain.


However, there is a new treatment out there that can help you take care and maintain your marble countertops and keep its original colors and characteristics of this or any other natural stone.


Azerocare is a treatment engineered by Antolini, an Italian stone provider with whom we work very closely to bring the best materials and newest technologies into your dream space. The treatment renders slabs of polished marble, onyx, and quartzite to make them stain and etch-resistant; you can leave an acidic or stain-producing substance sitting on the stone for up to twelve hours without worrying about unsightly marks. Additionally, it provides water-repellent and oil-repellent protection, meaning that oil, fat, and greasy elements won’t hurt your countertops.



It does not affect the natural stone in the way it looks or feels and it is completely undetectable to the naked eye. 


This nano-technology process is done at the factory prior to shipping, it cannot be applied to slabs that are already for sale or installed. The best part…  your slabs will never need any further sealing or treatment only routine cleaning with soap and water.


We are proud suppliers of these new incredible materials. Schedule a tour to visit our showroom so you can see our new Antolini slabs and let us help you elevate your space.