An interior design with Natural Stones without overpassing your budget

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


An interior design with Natural Stones without overpassing your budget
We all have that dream, our beautiful luxurious home... marble walls, granite countertops. There are endless possibilities when designing our houses and using natural stones. The wide variety gives you so many opportunities to create a space tailored to your own personal style. Even when on a budget...
It is not a secret that a natural stone in your home is the best way to add value to your property. Here are our recommendations for adding luxurious natural stones into your home without overpassing your budget.
1. Be strategic
Small amounts of natural stone can be very effective and dramatic if they are located in high-visibility areas. A strategic placement can get you that luxurious look you are craving. Details matter so highlight those areas rather than a large space.
2. Make a statement out of it
If being subtle is not your forte, you can always choose an element on a room that will be your focal point and splurge on it. Pair it with a more cost-effective material and use neutral colors that will balance the dramatic piece.
3. Don’t waste
If you are already investing on natural stone, make it go a long way. Use the leftovers to match the design across multiple rooms so it all ties in. This way it will make it seem that you spent more than what you actually did.
4. Visit our outlet
If your heart is set on a full natural stone interior design you can always visit our outlet where we have a selection or marble and granite starting at $0.50 per sq feet