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The word A-tech is becoming more and more popular in the interior design world. It is safe to say that A-Tech slabs have gone beyond a trend and are definitely here to stay. Quick fact: A-Tech slabs are man-made materials. 


A-Tech is a type of porcelain created by a composition of clay, sand and other natural materials pressed and fired at extremely high temperatures. When it comes to man-made stones, they are the closest we’ll get to the natural thing. 


Here are our recommendations on how to incorporate this fabulous material stepping away from the traditional tile applications on floors and walls.  


Kitchen Countertops and Islands: A-Tech is one of the most hygienic products when it comes to stones. It literally repels bacteria, making it a great choice for a surface that will be in contact with food.  Additionally, it is stain and acid resistant and not prone to scratching. If you are an avid cook or home chef there is little to nothing to worry about, making A-Tech a great choice for any kitchen application.


Bathroom Vanities: One of the main worries when choosing the material that will go into our vanity countertop is if it will get damaged by the products that will come in contact with it. Toothpaste, make-up, hair dye … A-Tech is insusceptible to any acid, so stains are easy to remove by just cleaning the surface with lukewarm soapy water. A-Tech slabs will make your bathroom dreams come true without having a constant fear of damaging the material.


Shower walls and Bathtub Surrounds: Now that we know we can safely incorporate A-Tech slabs into our bathroom vanities we should also mention it is a great material for the rest of the room. Shower walls, bathtub surroundings, floors and walls can be made out of this material to make our bathroom match. A-Tech repels mould and mildew so any room with high humidity is safe if built with this material.


Fireplaces: A-Tech is resistant to extremely high temperatures making it one of the best choices when it comes to building fireplaces; it can work for both inside and outside fireplaces.


We are currently stocking Calcatta and Statuary slabs in our warehouse which can both be applied with a polished or honed finish and will look great with any design aesthetic you have in mind. Our A-Tech slabs contain high resolution prints of natural marbles throughout the surface to mimic the look of natural stones.  We invite you to schedule a call with one of our representatives to learn more about this stunning material.