6 types of natural stone for your swimming pool

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6 types of natural stone for your swimming pool

Swimming pools in our backyards are dreams of both children and adults. They not only provide a great space to exercise and have fun with our friends but to relax and unwind under the sun.  A pool in your home can provide the vacation atmosphere we all crave so often, especially when we cannot go away during the summer. 


Natural stones are the best material when it comes to building the surroundings of your swimming pool. They can be incorporated in several ways; from an extravagant placement like a fountain or artificial waterfall to a more traditional positioning like a deck, coping and side walls. 


Natural stones are durable, easy to repair and maintain and weather resistant. Here are our favorite natural stones that can help bring to life the pool of your dreams. 



Travertine is probably the best choice and easiest to maintain when it comes to natural stones for a pool. Due to its high porosity it absorbs water instantly making the pool a slip-free area. Travertine remains cool to the touch no matter what the weather, so your feet and legs won’t burn when laying by the pool. Design wise it is a stone that comes in light earthy tones - tan, cream and rusted shades -  that help reflect sunshine. The color and impurities of this stone like veins, grains and fissures will create a unique natural aesthetic in your pool area that will look classic and modern at the same time.



We usually associate marble with an indoor area, but it can look fantastic outdoors, especially in the pool area. Marble is translucent so when the sun hits a unique glow reflects from the stone. Same thing happens if you choose this material for an indoor space, the same water will reflect on it creating a three dimensional look on the surface. Just remember that it is a stone that requires proper care and regular maintenance.  We recommend you use it with a honed finish to reduce the risk of slips and remember to seal it annually to protect it from water damage.



Sandstone is known for its rough touch due to the presence of sand particles in it and its earthy, light brown tones. It literally reminds us of the sand in the beach. Sandstone is meant to erode over time so stains, scratches and weathering are likely to appear over time. It will make it seem like a little piece of the beach migrated onto your backyard. It is a great material for a pool both aesthetically and functionally. Its surface is water absorbent and once the stone is sealed, it will stand up to heat and long time water damage. 



Throughout the years limestone has been the material of choice when it comes to pools. It can resist extreme temperatures and with the proper anti-slip finish it can be easy to take care of. It is one of the most resistant stones so despite the heavy foot traffic it will not get damaged, plus its soft texture provides a nice area for walking barefoot.  When it comes to design we can find limestone in a variety of colors so there are no limitations. From its traditional white and grey to blues and pinks whatever your aesthetic is, it can be achieved.



Because of its hardness, granite is that type of natural stone that can literally be used all around the house. When it comes to pools it creates an elegant, monochromatic  look that will elevate the atmosphere of the area.  It repels water so with a honed or flamed finish and an anti-slip  surface it makes an amazing choice for areas that are bound to get wet.


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