5 Cool Design Ideas for Grey and White Bathrooms

By Marble Unlimited Inc. /


5 Cool Design Ideas for Grey and White Bathrooms

For many of us, the bathroom is a place we escape to when we need a break. Dim the lights, draw a bath, add salts and oils. This place is our own personal sanctuary.

When renovating a bathroom, there are millions of ways you could go. If you are looking for a natural and timeless color scheme, we recommend a white and grey palette. Using white will keep the room looking big and bright. And incorporating grey will provide space to play with textures and add movement to the room.

Upcoming bathroom renovations? Here are 5 ideas that might help inspire you:


1. Classic

Nothing screams classic like marble white tiles. There is something very unique about using marble on your flooring and walls. It allows you to contrast with pure white porcelain in your amenities. If you are looking to save money, this style can be done in quartzite or quartz. To further add to the room, we love the use of gold hardware, grey drapes, and other little accents that make the design pop!


2. Modern

There are many trends that play around with the use of grey and white in the bathroom. From wallpaper to patterned tiles and checkered flooring. Our personal favorite combines a solid grey granite countertop with visible plumbing and silver hardware.


3. Opulent

Your bathroom can mentally transport you to a different place. Using grey marble floors, countertops, and walls can create a luxurious vibe. You'll feel like you are spending the weekend at a spa! Take this design to a whole new level by pairing it with gold hardware. If you are looking to splurge on your happy place, add a chandelier and stained glass mirrors.


4. Minimal

Crisp white and grey bathrooms translate well to a minimal aesthetic. We love white tiled walls/countertops in combination with grey granite floors. This type of design compliments wooden stands and pewter hardware.


5. Urban

Using grey stone as the main element of your bathroom will give it a sleek urban look. It will feel minimal, contemporary, and modern at the same time. Grey limestone does wonders for this type of style. It will reflect the light on shiny surfaces and brighten up the room. Use black details on handles, cabinetry, and decor to create beautiful contrast in the room.