You know you want to make upgrades to your kitchen, bathroom, or patio, and you know you want the changes you make to include fantastic marble for the floors, countertops, or tiles. You have met with a few potential contractors, but none seem to have the insight or designer’s eye that will let you get marble that stands out. They all want to use that standard stock commercial-grade marble you find everywhere. The last thing you want is a room that looks like everyone else’s. The time has come for you to bring your designer here to Marble Unlimited, Inc. so you can see the amazing unlimited marble options we offer.

Marble from Around the World

At Marble Unlimited, Inc., we do not limit ourselves to just a few styles or types of marble so that you have little to select from. We source marble from all around the world, getting materials directly from over twenty-five countries. You can see colors, styles, and designs in marble that you may never have seen before, giving you the chance to have something truly unique as part of your home. Our knowledgeable sales staff will work closely with your designer or contractor to make sure you get the high-quality stone you want most.

Unlimited Marble Options

Unlimited Choices at Great Prices

The unlimited marble choices you get from us make decorating your home a great deal of fun. You and your designer can browse through our inventory to select what will work best for you. We can then work directly with your contractor or stone fabricator, offering the best wholesale prices possible, so that you can get the materials you want for your home at prices that will work well for everyone involved.

Come See Our Marble Selection

To see the unlimited marble options we offer, come to our showroom at Marble Unlimited, Inc. We are conveniently located in Van Nuys, CA so that you can browse through one of the largest and most exotic marble collections you will find anywhere. Give us a call at (818) 988-0100 to schedule an appointment with us, and we will be glad to show you around and introduce you to some amazing marble for your home. If you want to make an inquiry and prefer to send us a message, you can do so by filling our online contact form with your details and inquiry. A member of our staff will be happy to assist.